Amazon’s Prime Instant Video finally finds its way to your Android tablets

Amazon launched its Prime Instant Video for Android tablets which was previously restricted to just the Amazon hardware. The company has opened the service for Android powered smart phones and now it has set it free for the Tablets also. The path to finally make it up and running on your device is bit tedious though. The news is official and now you can easily stream videos from Amazon to your Android tablets. The App is available officially on the Google app store though many of us have already downloaded it manually or through other sources. The Google play scheme is good for security reasons for obvious reasons. The process is lengthy and involves few steps but yes will provide you with all the movies, shows and videos at one place.

In order to accomplish the task you will first have to download the Amazon’s App store on your tablet. The major hiccup comes when you have to disable the security setting in order to allow the device to install apps from an unknown source. You can find the disable option under the Application or Security option in your device setting icon. After you have disabled it and made your device temporarily available for installs from outside sources you can visit the Amazon’s App store installation page and follow the directions for the download. You need to sign in through your Amazon account id in the Amazon app store and look for Prime Instant Video in the search option. The next step involves downloading the Prime Instant Video app which will enable you to stream the Amazon Instant video content on the tablet.

The Company uses the Android open source project to power its own line of Phones and Tablets and does not license the Google’s version of Android services and apps thus forcing user to follow all such steps and download the Android compatible software by its own created Amazon App store. There are no issues involved if you own an Amazon device which is short sub set of Android devices.